Aura/Room Mists 50ml


You will receive a 1 x 50ml spray

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Beautiful blends of aromatherapy essential oils with purified water and crystals.

They have all been charged with the Reiki Master Energy to aid with lifting the mood or clearing the energy of the person and space it is sprayed around.

There are small shards of clear quartz crystals in these sprays which add to the energy.


Shake well before each use and spray when feeling a little low to raise or clear the energy.


Made from all-natural ingredients, these sprays are a must for anyone wanting to feel more uplifted and in more positive energy space.

I have been a Reiki Master for many years and work with people on a daily basis who come to me for various different reasons.

Reiki is a very powerful energy, especially at the Master level. Essential oils used in aromatherapy and various other holistic treatments are also very powerful.

Essential oils combined with Reiki energy can aid with a number of issues whether they are emotional or physical.

These sprays are not to be used instead of any prescription medication. If you have any concerns about using them consult with your GP


DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Shake well before each use, hold 6 inches away and spray around yourself, and the space that you’d like to clear. Be sure to avoid the eyes, mouth, and sensitive areas; as well as delicate furnishings.


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