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Reiki Treatments

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing method where the practitioner through a series of hand positions will sense where there may be any blockages within the client’s energy or and direct universal energy to the blockages to restore balance to the mind, body, and soul. 


Options available

30min treatment
60min treatment
90minute treatment
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Counselling Services

I offer counselling services to both adolescents and adults. I work from a client-centered approach and each session is based on an assessment performed at the initial meeting of the client. 

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Crystal Healing

Crystals are incorporated into your Reiki treatment to add additional of the crystal to amplify your healing.

Distance Healing

Not every client needs to physically come to my office to receive treatments. We offer Reiki Treatments which the client can schedule at their convenience and in the sanctuary of their own space.

Clients can also request to be added to our Reiki Box. Just send us a request.

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Client Testimonials

Honestly was a magical experience from the location down to the actual treatment felt like bliss. The reiki master is warm and she is so gentle and friendly .. from the warmth of the welcome I knew I would have enjoyed the reiki but not as much as I actually did ... I was at peace at the moment my body tingled I felt warmth and it wasn’t until I actually got up that I felt the lift that had been removed from my body ..... I honestly would do this a million times over my regret is that I did not do this sooner lol .... thx again one love Latonya
Latonya Clarke
Such a beautiful treatment and professional service. Michelle came to my home and I felt instantly comfortable with her. My dogs loved her too! Easy to give a five star recommendation 🙂
Sarah Hubbard
Regular reiki treatments are a staple with me now. Michelle is incredibly professional and my sessions leave me feeling clear, calm and incredibly relaxed. I definitely recommend Idyllic Palms for everyone who wants energy healing.
Bend Twist Bliss
I have had numerous Reiki treatments from Michelle and I cannot fault her services and professionalism. My treatments have been incredibly relaxing and alleviated my stress and anxiety. The ambiance is very calming. Michelle is certainly a powerful, yet gentle healer. Thank you, Michelle, I will be coming again.
Nicole Edwards